Holly Beach Train Depot is pleased to be offering the "BCR" (Battery Component Replacement) produced by "J and W Electronics" for your Lionel* and M.T.H. engines. It is a permanent replacement circuit for the 9 volt battery.

BCR - $24.95         BCR2 - $19.95

If you store or display your engines and decide to run them, you may find that the M T H engine will not operate, or the MTH and Lionel  sound systems will not shut down properly because of a dead battery.  After the "BCR" has been installed, you simply apply power to the tracks for one minute in the reset position - (first "neutral" position when the engine is turned on)- and the engine will operate again, just like having a fully charged battery.

The "BCR" looks like a 9 volt battery, works like a 9 volt battery, but doesn't act like a 9 volt battery.  It fits securely into your 9 volt battery holder and connects to the 9 volt battery clip just like a standard 9 volt battery..

This amazing device allows you to store or display your engines and never need to charge or replace your battery to operate them.  After one minute of applying power, at 10 volts or more, to activate the "BCR", the engine will be able to fully operate.  No longer do you have to replace the battery or be concerned about the battery leaking and damaging your engine.  The "BCR" can be left in the engine indefinitely. After turning the power off to the track, the "BCR" will hold a charge for about 3 hours, depending on the engine. If you have not operated the engine in 3 hours, power up the engine in the reset position, for one minute at 10 volts or more.

PRICE: $24.95 for the BCR - fits all MTH products that use the 8.4V, 120mAh battery (5volt)*

PRICE: $42.90 for the BCR and the LAC (Lionel Activating Circuit - needed for all Lionel products)

PRICE: $19.95 for the LAC - Lionel Activating Circuit  ONLY  (Lionel products only)

We now offer the BCR 2, which is used in the PS2, three volt system. If your PS2 engine uses a battery pack with two AA batteries, in a blue plastic wrap, or your engine has been upgraded to PS2, you can now replace that battery with the BCR 2. Check with your instruction to see if the PS2 engine uses a three volt or the instruction say: 2.4 volt battery.
     The BCR 2 is a permanent replacement for the battery and plugs into the battery connector. Power up your engine in neutral, at ten volts or more for one minute, and the engine will be ready to run, regardless of how long the engine has been sitting.

     When the BCR 2 needs to be charged, the sound volume will be lower than normal. While the BCR 2 is charging up, the sound level will return to normal, still wait one full minute, the BCR 2 will charge up and your engine will be ready to run.

      In command mode, run your engine for one minute and the BCR 2 will be charged. The BCR 2 will hold a charge, after turning the power off to the engine, for over a week! If you run your engine at least once a week, you will never have to wait to charge up the BCR 2.

      At anytime the sound level is lower than normal, the BCR 2 will need to be charged.

PRICE: $19.95 for the BCR2 - fits all MTH products that use the newer 3 volt battery.

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